Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The effectiveness of positive group therapy on psycological capitals,anxiety,stress and depression in drop-out weman    M.Sc.    Ali Akbari Shandiz, Asieh    2016-03-08
2    The Role of Schema maladaptive and personality traits in predicting students' communication with the mediation of perfectionism    M.Sc.    hashemi golestan, nasrin sadat    2017-05-09
3    The role of social networks on prediction of marital boredom with the mediation of religious commitment    M.Sc.    GHAFFARI RAD, JALALEH    2017-05-16
4    Effectiveness of Integration Group Therapy on Emotional Self-Awareness, Assertiveness and Meaning of Life of Prisoners    M.Sc.    zarghani, seyed ahmad    2017-05-30
5    The Effectiveness of Group Training of REE(Rational Emotive Education) on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Mashad city    M.Sc.    amiriyan, mahbobe sadat    2017-07-04
6    The Effectiveness of Resilience Training Based on Pennsylvania Method On Decrease Anger Rumination and Academic Stress    M.Sc.    Ghanbari, Afsane    2017-07-04
7    The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on Anxiety, Cognitive Flexibility and Resilience of Divorced Mothers    M.Sc.    azadegan mehr, maryam    2017-11-14
8    Investigating the Relationship between Metacognitive Beliefs and cognitive-attentional syndromes in female students with social anxiety: The role of the mediator of uncertainty intolerance and tolerance of ambiguity    M.Sc.    molavi gonabadi, elahe    2018-05-08
9    The role of sexual self-confidence in predicting marital intimacy in woman with lupus,The role of mediating perceived social support and psychological capital    M.Sc.    Sharifi, Mohammad    2018-05-22